Residents of Parkview Village,

We find ourselves in the middle of actions beyond our control and instructions being issued from the local, state and federal governments . While we do not understand, we are instructed to comply to these guidelines to help prevent the spread of CoronaVirus (Covid 19). As of today, Parkview will be changing their notification to read “No outside visitors to come in and request that Residents do not leave the building for non-essential appointments for doctors, beauty shop, etc.” All this is being done in an effort to protect you. Following is a statement we have received from the Indiana State Department of Health Commissioner:

ISDH is updating its recommended visitation guidelines for the following types of facilities: Nursing homes

Residential care facilities

Assisted-living facilities

Residential care & assistance program providers Housing with services establishments

Intermediate care facilities for 10 0 , including group homes Rehabilitation hospitals

State psychiatric hospitals

Free standing psychiatric hospitals

All facilities should restrict visitation of ALL visitors and non-essential healthcare personnel. The only exception for visitors is for compassionate care situations, as in end of life. Decisions about visitation during an end of life situation should be made on a case-by case-basis, which should include careful screening of the visitor (including clergy, bereavement counselors, etc.) for fever or respiratory symptoms.

Those with symptoms of a respiratory infection (fever, cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat) should not be permitted to enter the facility at any time (even in end-of-life situations).

We have cancelled all outside entertainment, etc. and effective tomorrow, 17 March, at Lunch time, if you would like a meal delivered rather than come out to the Dining Room you need to let us know.

Thank you for your cooperation through this difficult time. We all need to do our part to keep both ourselves and those around healthy.

Regina Wagler, Director, Parkview Village Christian Care

800 S. West St., Odon, IN 47562 Phone: 812-636-3000

Web: www.p arkview-village .org

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